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Computer Science Colloquium: February 7

On Friday, February 7,  the Computer Science Department will host its first colloquium of the Spring 2020 semester.  Jesse Cerutti of Pfizer will give a technical talk on data management skills in pharmaceutical industry entitled “Enterprise Data Lakes: The backbone of next-gen analytics”.  An abstract of his talk can be found below.

Please join CS faculty and students in Forcina Hall 408 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM for this talk.
Refreshments will be provided.

Successfully executing on a data lake strategy at an enterprise level requires multiple teams with varying technical skillsets. The architecture of the solution can quite literally make or break the success of the project. In this talk I will discuss the background of our Pfizer manufacturing application landscape and why a data lake is critical to future success. I will also get into the details of the architecture, application design challenges and considerations as well as technologies required in the implementation of the project. Finally, when completed successfully I will discuss how this enables next-gen analytics for our manufacturing sites and the wider organization.

Matt Cesari is the Chief Information Security Officer at TCNJ. His duties include managing the daily security operations and incident response, drafting security policies and procedures, direction and vision for the Information Security Program, and security awareness and outreach. He is a TCNJ Computer Science graduate and he has been at TCNJ for over twelve years.

Fall 2019 Celebration of Computing Photos

Congratulations to the 27 presenters at this fall’s Celebration of Computing, held on Wednesday, December 4!

Gallery of Photos (Taken by Computer Science Department Faculty & Staff)






Computer Science Colloquium: November 19

On Tuesday, November 19,  the Computer Science Department will host its final colloquium of the Fall 2019 semester.  Matt Cesari, TCNJ’s Chief Information Security Officer, will give a technical talk entitled “TCNJ Cybersecurity Layers of Defense”.  An abstract of his talk can be found below.

Please join CS faculty and students in Science Complex P101 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM for this talk.
Refreshments will be provided.

A detailed overview of the security layers protecting TCNJ digital assets, networks, and community members. Review the TCNJ network design and network security devices. Learn how encrypted traffic limits network security tools and how endpoint security must evolve to fill the gap. Discuss how threat intelligence plays a crucial role in security operations, and the unique challenges and opportunities in the Higher Education cybersecurity space.

Jesse Cerutti currently leads the Solution Engineering practice within the Digital Quality Manufacturing group. Within this role his responsibilities include architecting and guiding engineering practices for all global applications that are used within the laboratories across the Pfizer manufacturing network. Jesse has over 18 years experience working in technology either for or associated with the Pharmaceutical industry and has spent the last 10 years at Pfizer in various roles. Prior to his role in Solution Engineering, Jesse has held roles that include web development, AWS infrastructure design, and Laboratory Information Management solution development. Jesse’s education includes a B.S. in Computer Science from The College of New Jersey, an MBA from William Paterson University.

CLOSED: Spring 2020 Wait-list

The Spring 2020 wait-list is now closed.  Please monitor PAWS and sign yourself into any seats that become available now through add/drop week in January 2020.


The registration period for Spring 2020 courses is November 5 – 15, 2019.  Some seats have been reserved for CS majors in all CSC courses.  Please review the registration newsletter for additional information on options courses offered this semester.

After your registration window opens, if the class you need is closed, put yourself on the wait-list using the Qualtrics form below.

Spring 2020 Wait-list
Be sure to read all directions and enter all requested information.

If you make changes to your schedule after entering your submission to the wait-list and need to update the department on which course(s) must be dropped, email with this information or enter another wait-list submission.

We will not be signing students into courses until Monday, November 18, after the registration window closes.  Please do not email the department for updates before this time.  We will enroll students into any unfilled seats in order, based on their registration times and time they registered on the wait list.

Be sure that your intended course does not conflict with a course in your current schedule, and that you are willing to drop conflicting courses to make the change.  If you have a full course load or time conflict and do not indicate courses to drop on your wait-list submission, your submission will be disregarded.

As always, have a back-up plan in case you are not able to get into your preferred courses.

Computer Science Colloquium: October 4

On Friday, October,  the Computer Science Department will host Rita Marty from AT&T, who will present a talk on enterprise technical initiatives at AT&T.

Please join CS faculty and students in Education Building from 12:30 – 1:30 PM for this talk.
Refreshments will be provided.

Team Led by TCNJ Computer Science Chair Awarded NSF Grant to Support Multidisciplinary Approach to Improving Undergraduate Learning

Congratulations to Dr. Monisha Pulimood, Professor Kim Pearson (Associate Professor of Journalism and Professional Writing), and Dr. Kim Bates (Professor of Sociology) on their grant!  NSF’s funding will allow the team to roll out their model of multidisciplinary, community-engaged learning in more than 30 classrooms across the TCNJ campus, and to provide support and study of the model’s effectiveness.

Please see the School of Science news posting linked below for more information.

Team Led by TCNJ Computer Science Chair Awarded NSF Grant to Support Multidisciplinary Approach to Improving Undergraduate Learning

Summer 2019 News Roundup

Brian Duke at COSA 2019

CS Senior’s Paper Accepted To ISVC 2019

CS senior Brian Duke and Dr. Andrea Salgian’s research paper was accepted as a poster presentation for the International Symposium on Visual Computing to be held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on October 7-9.  Duke is the first author of the paper entitled “Guitar Tablature Generation using Computer Vision”.  The work for Duke’s project was completed during his Spring 2019 mentored research with Dr. Salgian.

Congratulations to Brian and Dr. Salgian!


L-R: Tomer Aberbach, Shm Almeda, Maddie Febinger

CS Majors’ Paper Accepted to Grace Hopper Conference 2019
Tomer Aberbach, Shm Almeda, and Maddie Febinger on their paper acceptance to the 2019 Grace Hopper Conference!  Their work on synthetic gene design was completed during the spring 2019 semester under the mentorship of Dr. Dimitris Papamichail, and with funding from a CREU grant.  Almeda and Febinger began working with Dr. Papamichail in summer 2018 as part of the School of Science’s MUSE program, and all three students completed research with Dr. Papamichail in spring 2019.

An abstract of the group’s project can be found below:
When ordering oligonucleotides for a protein variant library, biologists must take many factors into account, from how the pieces are assembled to the codons and nucleotides used in the design. This project involved developing algorithms that optimize these variables to minimize cost, as well as a web-tool and an online database to make our work accessible to the greater scientific community.

Congratulations to Tomer, Shm, and Maddie!

Three CS Faculty Working with Physics Department on NSF MRI Grant
Dr. Andrea Salgian, Dr. Sharif Shahnewaz Ferdous, and Dr. Sejong Yoon will be working with Physics Department and other School of Science faculty to explore uses of a spatial light modulator in STEM research and education.   The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program grant allows the Physics Department to purchase the spatial light modulator and to work faculty and students to conduct research in interdisciplinary fields such as optical materials, bioscience, and human-computer interaction.

For more information about this grant, see TCNJ’s news article on the award:


Call for CS Volunteer Representatives (2019-2020)

Show your CS@TCNJ pride!

Would you like to earn the title of “Computer Science Representative” for your resume?  The faculty are once again looking for students to help out at upcoming departmental functions, including seminars, recruiting events, and meetings with potential students.  All levels of students (first-years through seniors) are invited to apply.

Sample resume entry
Computer Science Representative:  Meet with prospective students and visiting families to present student experiences in computer science major; discuss opportunities and college life through formal presentation and informal Q&A.  Meet with visiting speakers and assist during scheduled events.  Volunteer position; selected by the faculty to participate.  September 2019 – present.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer representative, fill out the Qualtrics survey at the following link:

Submissions will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis and as needed.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Zsilavetz directly or stop by STEM 200.