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Permission to Repeat a CS Course

Permission to Repeat a CS Course

As per TCNJ’s policy, “a student may repeat any course once. If a student desires to take a course more than twice, permission must be obtained from the chair of the department in which the student is majoring and the chair of the department offering the course.” The policy can be found here:

The process for a student to request permission to take a Computer Science course for the third time is given below. A student may take a course at most three times.

  1. Complete and sign the Repeat of Course Authorization Form (available at
  2. Obtain permission and signature of the chair of the department in which the student is majoring.
  3. Submit the form for review to the chair of the Computer Science Department along with a minimum one-page, single-line-spaced, reflective essay that addresses the following:
  • Analysis of why the student did not complete / succeed in the course the previous two times.
  • A plan for success in the course. This should include a study schedule, strategies to ensure better understanding of course material, and strategies to ensure that course work is completed and submitted on time; simply indicating that the student will work harder, or “can do it” will not be sufficient since these do not address the underlying causes of the academic problem.

The student is expected to respond promptly to requests for further information or clarifications. Delays in responding may result in denial of the request to repeat the CS course.

How to Sign & Submit Electronic Forms