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Mentored Research

Mentored Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to work on research projects with faculty members to gain valuable practical experience. The mentored research project can fulfill the practicum experiences that your program of study requires. Mentored research counts as either CSC 498 or 499, depending on level of experience. CSC 499 is reserved for projects that build upon a previous CSC 498 project.

Please read through the project descriptions on the faculty research projects page. When you find a project that intrigues you, schedule an appointment with the faculty member indicated to discuss your interests and qualifications. If you are invited to join the project, please complete the forms linked below.

If you want to use REU, MUSE, or any other external experience to fulfill the capstone requirement, please make sure these experiences satisfy the department policy.

Mentored Research Forms

Mentored Research Enrollment Form (PDF)
Capstone Experience Deliverables Agreement (PDF)

Be sure to include the correct course and section number, GPA, earned hours, and your signature. The contract should be approved by your faculty mentor or internship coordinator and then submitted for review by the Department Chair. The form will then need to be approved by the dean’s office and taken over to Records & Registration for in-person registration for that course.