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Mentored Research

Mentored Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to work on research projects with faculty members to explore a topic area more deeply and to gain valuable practical experience.

Please read through the project descriptions on the faculty research projects page. When you find a project that intrigues you, schedule an appointment with the faculty member indicated to discuss your interests and qualifications. If you are invited to join the project, please complete the forms linked below.

First and second year students will sign up for CSC 298, with the choice of taking it for 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 or 1 unit of credit. This will not meet a CS major or minor requirement, but will count as a free elective towards the total units needed to graduate with a degree from TCNJ. Third and fourth year students will sign up for CSC 498, if they have the prerequisites of MAT 127, CSC 220, 230 and 270, with the choice of taking it for 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 or 1 unit of credit. If a student completes 1 unit of CSC 498 over two consecutive semesters with the same professor and project, the course can meet a CS Option or the Capstone requirement for the CS major, with approval from the department. A student who has completed 1 full unit of CSC 498 and plans to continue working with the same professor on the same project will sign up for CSC 499.

MUSE projects cannot be used for course credit. A student who wants to use REU or other external research experiences to fulfill the capstone requirement, must ensure that these experiences satisfy the department policy, and receive departmental approval.

Mentored Research Forms

Mentored Research Enrollment Form (Online Form)
Capstone Deliverables Agreement Form (PDF)

Be sure to include the correct course and section number, GPA, earned hours, and your signature. The completed form should be approved by the faculty mentor and then submitted for review by the Department Chair. The form will then need to be approved by the dean’s office and taken over to Records & Registration for in-person registration for that course.