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Advising Resources

Here’s where you’ll find the resources you should review before selecting courses.  Watch for emails from your faculty advisor; you’ll need to meet with your advisor in order to have the hold removed from your PAWS account before your registration window opens.

CS Majors registering for internships or mentored research: Please work with Dr. Papamichail (internships) or your research mentor to complete and sign the appropriate forms, which can be found below or on Records and Registration’s website.  You must then send your completed form to so that it can be reviewed and approved by Dr. Pulimood.  The CS Office will then ensure that your form goes to the Assistant Dean and Records and Registration for remaining signatures and processing.

See the department’s page on signing and submitting electronic forms for more guidance.

Useful Forms & Newsletters

Registration Newsletter & Wait-List Page

TCNJ Advising Policy

TCNJ Advising Agreement (This must be read and completed BEFORE your advising appointment!)

Advisor’s Approval Form (Open with Adobe to use as fillable form)

Suggested Sequence for CS Majors A (for students who entered the CS major @ TCNJ prior to Fall 2019)

Suggested Sequence For CS Majors B (for students who enter the CS major @ TCNJ in Fall 2019 or later)

Computer Science Focus Areas

Program Planner A (for students who entered the CS major @ TCNJ prior to Fall 2019)

Program Planner B (for students who enter the CS major @ TCNJ in Fall 2019 or later)

Spring 2023 Registration Newsletter

Four Year Planner (Word)

Four Year Planner (PDF)

Liberal Learning Webpage

Mentored Research Enrollment Form (Online Form)

Internship Enrollment Form (Online Form)

Capstone Experience Deliverables Agreement Form

Increase Maximum Course Load Form (PDF)

Advising Meetings

Before meeting with your advisor: complete your advising agreement form and your four-year planning form. Both forms must be completed before your advising appointment each semester.

During your meeting: discuss your planned courses for the next semester(s) and select alternative courses in case your first choices fill up.

Before and during your registration window: monitor PAWS to see if any of your intended courses close.  If they do, put yourself on the department’s wait-list after your appointment ends; submissions made before your appointment begins will not be reviewed.  You may want to enroll in one of your “alternative” courses in the meantime.

If you have more specific questions, check the department’s policies webpage or contact your advisor.