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Transferring Courses From Other Institutions

Transferring Courses From Other Institutions

Current students cannot transfer computer science core, advanced core or option courses required for the Computer Science major or minor.

Courses that meet non-computer science requirements for the major and free electives may be transferred with written approval from the Office of Records and Registration prior to taking those courses at other institutions.

A student who wants to transfer a non-CS course taken at a NJ community college should check to see which requirement will be fulfilled by that course. To determine the domain requirement satisfied by the course, look at the “GenEd Area(s)” indicator to see what Liberal Learning domain, if any, is satisfied by the course. If the indicator is blank, the course does not satisfy a Liberal Learning domain. Please note that NJTransfer does not indicate whether or not the course will satisfy a Civic Responsibility. Please contact the Academic Evaluators in the Office of Records and Registration to determine whether a course will meet any Civic Responsibilities.

It is recommended that current TCNJ students who are planning to take a course at another college complete Course Authorization Form and have it signed by the academic advisor and appropriate department chair(s).

Records and Registration cannot accept hand delivered transcripts or transcripts issued to you, the student. Be sure to have them sent directly from the other institution.

Grades awarded for work at other schools are not calculated in the student’s grade point average at The College of New Jersey.

Work transferred to the College must have a minimum grade of C. Transfer work normally is applied either in the semester following the semester of its completion or in the first semester the student enters or returns to the College.

Current TCNJ students may take a maximum of 4.5 course units per semester.  This includes any courses that are taken simultaneously at other institutions.

Laboratory Science Requirement
On-line science courses cannot be used to fulfill the laboratory component of the Science correlate requirement.

Second Language Requirement
Students starting as freshmen at TCNJ must complete all second language requirements at TCNJ.

Residency Requirement
A minimum of 6 course units in the major must be earned in the CS Department. A minimum of 4 course units of the final 6 units in the major must be earned in the Department.