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Transfer Into Computer Science

Transferring from another TCNJ program, or adding Computer Science as an additional major or as a minor

Students are required to meet the following minimum performance standards before being accepted into the program:
(i)  Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher,
(ii)  MAT 127 (Calculus A) OR MAT 128 (Calculus B) OR MAT 205 (Linear Algebra), with a minimum grade of C, and
(iii) CSC 220 – CS I: Computational Problem Solving with a minimum grade of C.

A student who has already taken CSC 250 and wishes to use this to meet the CSC 220 and CSC 230 requirement must successfully complete an entrance test in C++. If the substitution is approved, the student must take an additional CS Option course to meet the Computer Science major requirements. (These are typically students who have taken CSC 250 as non-majors and then transfer into the CS major.)

Transfer from another institution

The Office of Admissions makes the decisions on admittance of students transferring into the Computer Science program from other institutions. Admission is based on College standards and New Jersey state guidelines on transfers from community colleges. The Office of Records and Registration is primarily responsible for evaluating courses for transfer credit. New Jersey community college students may utilize the NJ Transfer ( website to determine transfer course equivalencies for most subject areas. See for more details.

Computer Science courses are not transferred automatically but are reviewed and approved by the Department Chair on a case-by-case basis. Courses are reviewed for possible transfer after submission of the course syllabus with list of topics covered and sample assignments with graded student work. An individualized program plan is developed for each transfer student in consultation with the Department Chair and/or the assigned CS academic advisor.