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Celebration of Computing: Fall 2021

The Department of Computer Science’s annual Celebration of Computer event will take place virtually on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, from 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM. We have 18 presentations that will showcase the internship experience and mentored research outcomes over the summer and this Fall semester. Each presentation will be 10 minutes long (with an exception of #17 that will be 25 min), and there will be a five min buffer between presentations for Q&A and transition.  The whole event will be broadcast via YouTube live streaming.

Livestream Links:
Presentation 1 (YouTube):
Presentation 2 (YouTube):

Students who are taking CSC 099 and CSC 199 were assigned a poster for the review. Please use the Qualtrics Survey link below to submit your response.  Please note that you must identify yourself in the survey (there are fields where you can write your name) to be counted toward your course requirements.

Qualtrics link:

If you have any questions or need a copy of the schedule of presentations, please contact

Fall 2021 Internship Information Session


REMINDER:  All CS Majors are required to attend one internship information session before they can apply for internship (CSC 399) for credit.

Be sure to check Dr. Papamichail’s website and come prepared with any additional questions you might have.

Wednesday, November 10:  (6:00 – 6:45 PM)

Zoom session link:

Spring 2022 Registration Wait-list

The registration period for Spring 2022 courses is November 2 – 12, 2021.  Some seats have been reserved for CS majors in all CSC courses.  Please review the Spring 2022 Registration Newsletter for additional information on options courses offered next semester.

After your registration window opens, if the class you need is closed, put yourself on the wait-list using the Qualtrics form below.

Be sure to read all directions and enter all requested information.

Spring 2022 Wait-list:

If you make changes to your schedule after entering your submission to the wait-list and need to update your information, email

We will not be signing students into courses until Monday, November 15, after the registration window closes. Please do not email the department for updates before this time.  We will enroll students into any unfilled seats in order, based on their registration times and time they registered on the wait list.

Be sure that your intended course does not conflict with a course in your current schedule, and that you are willing to drop conflicting courses to make the change.  If you have a full course load or time conflict and do not indicate courses to drop on your wait-list submission, your submission will be disregarded.

As always, have a back-up plan in case you are not able to get into your preferred courses.

Please see the Advising Resources webpage for more information about submitting Mentored Research or Internship forms for Spring 2022.

Links to other School of Science Department Wait-lists can be found below:

Math/Stat: (link to form posted on the menu bar)

For more information on waitlists for other schools and departments, please refer to the TCNJ Waitlisting Process packet.

Colloquium Talk with Dr. Paul Youping Xiao, November 5: Deep Learning and Biomedical Imaging

Dr. Paul Youping Xiao of Bristol Meyers Squibb will give a virtual colloquium talk on Friday, November 5, from 12:30 – 1:30 PM.  Dr. Xiao has done extensive research in brain imaging and has pioneered the application of machine learning to the analysis of intrinsic optical imaging.

See below for more information about Dr. Xiao and the links for the event.

Abstract: Target segmentation is a crucial step in the analysis of biomedical images. Recent advances in deep learning have enabled automation of semantic and instance segmentations. At BMS we have applied the U-Net neural network and its variant to the segmentation of various targets in microscopic images with a sub-cellular resolution. The automated and consistent segmentations enable quantitative analyses of drug occupancy, T-cell infiltration and other metrics important for the development of novel drugs. The application of U-Net to analyzing biomedical images of various modalities will also be discussed.

Speaker Bio: Paul Youping Xiao has a bachelor’s degree in electronics, a master’s degree in physiology, and PhD in neuroscience. He has extensive experience in brain imaging including the discovery of color maps in the primate visual cortex. He pioneered the application of machine learning to the analysis of intrinsic optical imaging. At BMS he is leading the effort of automating high-content imaging with artificial intelligence.

Zoom Meeting (ID: 941 0711 6653/ Password: d7dnMrs5)

Colloquium Talk with Dr. Faisal Khan, October 19: AI and Data Science in Healthcare and the Lifesciences

Dr. Faisal M. Khan, the Executive Director of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at AstraZeneca, will give a virtual colloquium talk on Tuesday, October 19, from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM. Dr. Khan is known for his work on the applications of machine learning and AI for healthcare and the life sciences.

See below for more information about Dr. Khan and the links for the event.

Abstract: Dr. Khan will discuss the broad range of applications that data science and AI are driving to impact live and improve health in healthcare and the life sciences. The talk will focus on various application areas, algorithmic and real-world challenges and issues which emerge, as well as things to keep in mind when deploying within regulated and industrial environments.

Speaker Bio:  Faisal M. Khan, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at AstraZeneca. His team focuses on the applications of AI and data science throughout the drug discovery lifecycle, from target identification through Phase 3 trials and beyond. His interests focus on the intersections of data science, digital health, biostatistics, bioimaging, personalized medicine, and healthcare delivery. His career has encompassed all aspects of healthcare and biomedical analytics, including diagnostics, devices, clinical trials/therapeutics, and payers/insurance. Dr. Khan has worked or consulted across academia and industry with both startups and Fortune-50 companies. He has over 100 published papers, abstracts, and patents on the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence for healthcare and the life sciences.

Zoom Meeting (ID: 961 9503 5078 / Password: N842wT31)


2021 STEM for All Video Showcase

Three faculty members from The College of New Jersey will be featured in the 2021 STEM for All Video Showcase, from May 11-18, funded by the National Science Foundation. Kim Pearson, Associate Professor of Journalism and Professional Writing, Monisha Pulimood, Chair and Professor of Computer Science, and Diane Bates, Professor of Sociology will report on their project, Collaborating Across Boundaries to Engage Undergraduates in STEM Learning, (CAB), funded by the National Science Foundation (Award # 1914869).

Click here to learn more about the Showcase and access the link to the video.

Celebration of Student Achievement: Spring 2021

The Department of Computer Science’s annual Celebration of Student Achievement event will take place virtually on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, starting at noon until 4:30 pm. We have 24 senior presentations that will showcase the internship experience and mentored research outcomes over the last academic year. Each presentation will be 10 minutes long (with some exceptions presenting team efforts), and there will be a five minute buffer between presentations for Q&A and transition.

The event will begin with the Annual Departmental Awards and the UPE Induction ceremonies, which will be followed by the presentation sessions. The whole event will be broadcast via YouTube live streaming.

You can find the schedule for the sessions, along with the accompanying livestream links, here: 2021 Celebration of Student Achievement Schedule FINAL public

Livestream Links:
– Award Ceremony:
– UPE Induction:
– Presentation 1:
– Presentation 2:
– Presentation 3:

If you have any questions, please contact

Annual Barbara Meyers Pelson Lecture: April 30, 2021

Join us on Friday, April 30 at 12:30 PM at the 2021 Annual Barbara Meyers Pelson Lecture to hear Dr. Pulimood, our Chair of the Department of Computer Science , give a talk on CABPortal!

Event: 2021 Annual Barbara Meyers Pelson Lecture
Date: Friday, April 30, 2021
Time: 12:30 pm

Zoom Link: (Meeting ID: 998 8752 3434; Passcode: 312504)

Speaker: Dr. Monisha Pulimood
Barbara Meyers Pelson Chair in Faculty-Student Engagement (2018 – 2021)
Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science

Title: “CABPortal: Leveraging Collective Intelligence to Improve Sustainability of Web-Based Portals”

CABPortal is a web-based application designed to make resources associated with the CAB (Collaborating Across Boundaries) model publicly available. The intent is to build upon the ideas of open collaboration to expand this portal to eventually host information about interdisciplinary collaborative courses and projects at TCNJ and beyond. Websites for hosting and sharing resources generated by grant-funded projects quickly become unsustainable after funding ends since they require significant human intervention to ensure that the information is up-to-date and reliable. My undergraduate research students have been investigating ways in which we can leverage concepts such as human computation and collective intelligence in CABPortal to enable current and potential adopters to find interdisciplinary courses and project ideas of interest, and to become motivated to participate in the dissemination and sustainability of hosted projects. This work draws upon research in such diverse disciplines as computer science, sociology, economics, and biology.

In this talk, I will discuss some of the research that underlies CABPortal, and is being supported by the Barbara Meyers Pelson Chair in Faculty-Student Engagement Endowment Fund.

Colloquium Screening: Great Unsung Women of Computing

On Tuesday, April 13 from 12:30-1:30 PM, there will be a public viewing of a 2016 film titled “Great Unsung Women of Computing.” It is about great women computer scientists and engineers who were behind the scenes when the ENIAC (75th anniversary, by the way, counting from the UPenn era) was developed. This is the final colloquia series event of the semester.

In the United States, women are vastly underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) fields, holding under 25% of STEM jobs and a disproportionately low share of STEM undergraduate degrees. GREAT UNSUNG WOMEN OF COMPUTING is a series of three remarkable documentary films that show how women revolutionized the computing and Internet technology we use today, inspiring female students to believe that programming careers lie within their grasp. The Computers features the extraordinary story of the ENIAC Programmers, six young women who programmed the world’s first modern, programmable computer, ENIAC, as part of a secret WWII project. They programmed ENIAC without programming language (for none existed) and harnessed its power to perform advanced military calculations at lightning speeds. However, when the ENIAC was unveiled in 1946, the Programmers were never introduced and they became invisible. This stunning documentary features rare footage and never-before-seen interviews with the ENIAC Programmers. 70 years later, this is their story. The Coders tells the story of two extraordinary women, Sarah Allen and Pavni Diwanji whose technologies revolutionized the Internet: Sarah co-invented Flash, the first multimedia platform supporting video, graphics, games and animation for the internet, while Pavni invented the Java servlet to allow web applications to respond quickly to requests from users everywhere. In The Future Makers, Andrea Colaço, a young MIT PhD, shares her dream of a world in which we interact with our smart devices using natural hand gestures, not static keyboards or touchpads. She invented 3D “gestural recognition technology” and co-founded 3dim to develop and market it. In 2013, 3dim won MIT’s $100K Entrepreneurship Prize and launched Andrea towards her dream of innovation and changing the world. Winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best Short Documentary at the United Nations Association Film Festival.

Film run time: 49 minutes
“This inspiring title highlights the accomplishments of pioneering women.”
— Candace Smith, Booklist.
“THE COMPUTERS is a unique and powerful documentary … This still under-appreciated story of how women helped initiate the computer revolution provides inspiring female role models for future generations.”
— Tim Bartik, Senior Economist, Upjohn Institute.
Zoom Meeting
Note: This public viewing is for the TCNJ community only. You will need a TCNJ login to join the Zoom session.