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Colloquium Talk with Suyeon Choi, October 17: Neural Holography for Next-generation Virtual and Augmented Reality Displays

Suyeon Choi, PhD student at Stanford Computational Imaging Lab, will give a virtual colloquium presentation, titled “Neural Holography for Next-generation Virtual and Augmented Reality Displays” on Tuesday, October 17, from 12:30 – 1:30 PM, which will be streamed in Science Complex P-101 and P-117 (overflow room).  

See below for more information about Suyeon.

Abstract:  Holographic displays promise unprecedented capabilities for direct-view displays as well as virtual and augmented reality applications, including per-pixel depth, efficient light utilization, and vision correction. However, despite these capabilities, these displays always have been relegated to the status of a perpetually future technology, due to several major challenges such as large benchtop form factors, and the fundamental trade-off between algorithm runtime and achieved image quality. In this talk, I will present co-design approaches of optics and algorithms in holographic near-eye displays that address these challenges. First, I will discuss a compact display system architecture with an eyeglasses-like form factor for virtual reality that can deliver full-color 3D holographic images using a 2.5mm thick optical stack. Next, I will introduce an algorithmic CGH framework that achieves unprecedented image fidelity and real-time framerates. Our framework comprises several parts, including a novel camera-in-the-loop optimization strategy that allows us to either optimize a hologram directly or train a parameterized model of the optical wave propagation and a neural network architecture that represents the first CGH algorithm capable of generating full-color high-quality holographic images at full-HD resolution in real-time. By incorporating AI advancements into conventional optics and photonics, we can open up new possibilities and enable high-fidelity imaging and display solutions.

Speaker Bio:  Suyeon Choi is a PhD student at Stanford Computational Imaging Lab, advised by Professor Gordon Wetzstein. His research interests are centered on the co-design of optical systems and algorithms, with a focus on developing holographic display systems that incorporate machine learning for next-generation virtual and augmented reality displays. His work is supported by a Meta Research PhD Fellowship, a SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship, a Kwanjeong Scholarship, a Korean Government Scholarship, and a GPU gift from NVIDIA. Previously, he received his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, completed his undergraduate studies at Seoul National University as a recipient of The Presidential Science Scholarship.