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Courses Offered in Summer Session

The Department of Computer Science occasionally offers regular courses and blended learning courses during the summer sessions.

Summer 2022 Course Offerings  (Online, Fully Asynchronous Instruction)

Summer 2020 Course Offerings  (Remote Instruction)

Summer 2015 Course Offering

Summer 2014 Course Offering

Summer 2013 Course Offering

Summer 2012 Course Offerings

Blended learning courses combine face-to-face and online instruction. Students who take blended learning courses will meet on campus with their class once a week for approximately six to eight weeks (depending on the class), with the rest of the time in between devoted to learning online or independently at the student’s own pace and schedule. Students who want to complete high-quality, TCNJ courses while living and working in their home communities will find our blended learning courses to be an ideal way for them to complete coursework during the summer.

To see more information about TCNJ’s summer program, click here.