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Computer Science Colloquium: March 27

The first Computer Science Colloquium of the semester will be held on Friday, March 27.  Dr. André Bondi, Senior Staff Engineer at Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology in Princeton will give a talk entitled “Methods and Processes for Ensuring the Performance of Software Systems”.  An abstract of his talk can be found below.

Please join CS faculty and students in Forcina Hall 408 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM for this talk.  Pizza and refreshments will be provided.

Performance is an essential and desirable attribute of any software system. Poor performance is a frequent cause of project failure, and can render a system difficult and undesirable to use. Despite this, it is often treated as an afterthought at many stages of the software lifecycle. The painful rollout of a well-known public web-based system in October 2013 underscores the resulting perils. In this talk, we discuss the role of various performance engineering techniques in ensuring the suitable performance of a software system. The choice of performance metrics is crucial to the development of testable performance requirements. The performance requirements influence architectural and technology choices for implementation. Performance models can aid in the planning of performance tests to verify that performance requirements have been met, while informing design and architectural choices that affect system performance and scalability. In this talk, we describe a performance engineering process and its role in the software lifecycle. We illustrate the talk with examples of the interpretation of performance test data in the context of performance models.

André Bondi is a Senior Staff Engineer working in performance software and systems engineering at Siemens Corp., Corporate Technologies in Princeton. His book on performance engineering, Foundations of Software and Systems Performance Engineering: Process, Performance Modeling, Requirements, Testing, Scalability, and Practice was published by Addison-Wesley in August 2014. Dr. Bondi has worked on performance issues in several domains of application, including telecommunications, conveyor systems, financial systems, medical systems, railway control, building surveillance and management, and network management. He has developed and taught corporate training courses on performance requirements and performance engineering. Just prior to joining Siemens, he held senior performance positions at two startup companies. Before that, he spent more than ten years working on a variety of performance, standards, and operational issues at AT&T Labs and its predecessor, Bell Labs. He taught courses in performance, simulation, operating systems principles, and computer architecture at the University of California, Santa Barbara for three years. Dr. Bondi holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in computer science from Purdue University, an M.Sc. in statistics from University College London, and a B.Sc. in mathematics from the University of Exeter. Dr. Bondi holds nine US patents.