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CS Student featured in Popular Science, New York Post, and Lifehacker for Android App

Computer Science student, Thomas Caputi, along with two friends, developed an Android app which allows the user to schedule times when their phone should be completely silent. The app is called “Silence” and has been featured in the print and on-line version of Popular Science magazine and The New York Post. As of this posting, the app has been downloaded over 50,000 times. Thomas was primarily involved with writing the backend, which includes a database library, scheduling, and event handling code.

In regard to the Computer Science skills used in Tom’s program, “the database library that the app uses relied heavily on my understanding of data structures. It uses Queues, LinkedLists, ArrayLists, HashMaps, and some custom data structure I wrote to allow me to map Java Objects to both their class and id number. So I have to say thanks to Professor DePasquale and the Data Structures class here for the foundations in these areas.”

You can see more information at the links below. Thomas and his friends call their “company” Epsilon Labs.

Silence was also featured on a number of blogs including “lifehacker.” And, has been reviewed on YouTube.