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Computer Science Moves to STEM Building

The Computer Science Department is excited to be in its new location this semester with the opening of the brand-new STEM Building. The CS office officially moved into the STEM Building on the 28th of August, with the final steps of the moving process nearing completion.

There are new facilities available to CS students in the STEM Building. Some are shared with engineering majors and some are reserved only for CS majors. The first floor of the STEM building has several locations that may be of interest to CS majors. The Cluster is located in STEM 104, neighboring the Faculty Research Lab in STEM 103.

Dr. Andrea Salgian, Associate Professor of Computer, emphasizes. “CS majors should look forward to the research lab, where students mentored by different faculty members can work together in a shared space” and adds that “all spaces [in STEM] are well-lit, modern and inviting.”

Directly across from this research lab is the Computer Science Project Laboratory (STEM 101).  The CS Student Commons is adjacent to the Project Lab and will be the new location for many of the department’s student organization meetings.  The STEM 112 Teaching Lab is also located on the first floor. This lab is equipped with desktop computers that run both Windows and Mac platforms, and is shared between the CS Department and the departments in the School of Engineering.

The STEM Building’s second floor is where the faculty and department offices are located. The main CS Department office can be found in STEM 200 and most of the faculty offices can be found along the same hallway.  While the department offices have been moved to the STEM building, many CS courses are still being held next door in Forcina Hall.

CS majors are encouraged to utilize the new building and to enjoy the change in scenery that the new location has to offer!

Written by Cat Maienza, Class of 2019