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Each spring, the department awards the top students in each class. Typically, each award is accompanied by a textbook of the awardee’s choosing, donated by a publishing company (subject to their support). Awards are voted on by the faculty and awards are presented in a special ceremony (usually during the last week of classes).

Freshman Awards Sophomore Awards
2015 Elisa Idrobo
Brittany Reedman
2015 Angela Huang
Matthew Rasa
2014 Joie Murphy 2014 Kylie Gorman
Brandon Gottlob
2013 Kylie Gorman
Brandon Gottlob
Erin Wojciechowski
Thomas Borgia
Christopher Hranj
2013 Sean Safari
Daniel Seminara
2012 Jack Jamieson
Lauren Ryan
2012 Theodore Sudol
Frank Corradi
2011 Michele Dey
Theodore Sudol
2011 Rachel Pomeroy
Rohan Shah
2010 Rachel Pomeroy
Mike Murphy
2010 Siobhan Sabino
Shane Mullin
2008 David Adrian 2008 Stephen Sigwart
Autumn Breese
2007 Autumn Breese 2007 Karen DelDuca
2006 Christopher Neylan 2006 Chris Refsdal
2005 Scott Brown & Jacob Voytko 2005 Lauren Leonardis
Junior Awards Senior Awards
2015 Kylie Gorman
Brandon Gottlob
2015 Leah Lewy
Robert Preuss
2014 Joseph Canero
Conor Kelton
Sean Safari
2014 Thomas Caputi
Leighanne Hsu
Michael Macdougall
Glen Oakley
2013 Shahzore Qureshi
Patrick D’Errico
Glen Oakley
2013 Laurence Agina
2012 Nicholas Vitovitch 2012 Kevin Coughlin
Shane Mullin
2011 Zach Zappala
Sarah Smith
Bogdan Copos
2011 Mark Whitty
2010 Chris Hallberg 2010 Tim Sanders
Brian Bagdzinski
2008 Karen DelDuca
Stephen Lombardi
2008 Jacob Voytko
Robert Wilson
2007 Jake Voytko
Robert Wilson
2007 Jaclyn English
2006 Lauren Leonardis 2006 Patrick Rollins
2005 Eric Thul 2005 Megan Thurber

Service Awards
2015 Kevin Bohinski
Hank Harvey
Andrew Miller
Nadya Peña
2010 Autumn Breese
2006 Bryce Liskovec

The Charles H. Goldberg – Norman Neff Award is awarded annually by the Computer Science Department to a student (or students) who has demonstrated academic excellence in Computer Science and who will be continuing into graduate study in Computer Science.

The Charles H. Goldberg Award
2015 Conor J. Kelton
2014 Theodore V. Sudol,  Patrick M. D’Errico
2013 Matthew Peveler
2012 Sarah Smith, William M. West, Zachary Zappala
2011 Christopher R. Hallberg, Sarah A. Middleton
2010 Autumn Breese, Rich DeFrancisco
2008 Ryan S. Patrick
2007 Jason Snyder
2006 Eric Thul
2005 Mark Strohmaier