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Computer Science Minor

Students are required to meet the following minimum performance standards before being accepted into the Computer Science minor program:
(i)  Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher,
(ii)  MAT 127 – Calculus A, with a minimum grade of C, and
(iii) CSC 220 – CS I: Computational Problem Solving with a minimum grade of C.

A minor in Computer Science requires a total of five course units.

A student who has already taken CSC 250 and wishes to use this to meet the CSC 220 and CSC 230 requirement must successfully complete an entrance test in C++. If the substitution is approved, the student must take an additional CS Option course to meet the Computer Science minor requirements. (These are typically students who have taken CSC 250 as non-majors and then transfer into the CS major.)

Standards for Minors

Minimum grade point average (GPA) for retention and completion for the minor is 2.0 in computer science courses, a minimum GPA of 2.0 overall, and a minimum grade of C in the following courses: