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About the Department

Computer science at TCNJ is hands on, team based, and project centered—just like the real world. Take courses in exciting fields—artificial intelligence, computational biology, cloud computing—while collaborating across disciplines to solve real problems through computing. Our curriculum is continually revised to incorporate the latest advances and technologies, ensuring graduates are well prepared for today’s challenges.

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Immersive Experiences

Computer scientists and developers work across disciplines—with biologists, say, or musicians—to create computational solutions for clients. Our students do, too: Project-based courses and a capstone experience—a research project or a summer internship—model professional realities. Students gain real practice in the team-oriented, problem-focused nature of today’s workplace.

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Computational Thinking & More

How can we apply computer science theory to solve problems, while anticipating human behavior and balancing multiple (or even conflicting!) variables? We push students to think beyond data and code, integrating computational thinking with critical analysis. Our graduates are prepared to reason through social, ethical, and professional issues encountered over a career.

Prepped for Success

Skill, knowledge, and practical experience: Our graduates go into the world with a foundation that impresses cool companies (Google, IBM, Etsy, Lockheed Martin, and even startups) and great graduate schools (Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Stony Brook, and many others). Internships add more polish: Twitter, the FBI, Amazon, and Weebly, among others, have snapped up our students.

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