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Every semester, students who participated in mentored research or internships will present their work as posters. The presentation in the Fall semester is a departmental event; the presentation in the Spring semester is a part of the college Celebration of Student Achievement. The following is a partial list of presentation titles of our students in the last several years.


  • Automated Fingering Assignments for Piano Music
  • Maximally Compact Trees using the Fitch Parsimony Criterion
  • Oligonucleotide Design of Orthogonal Codon Variant Libraries of Protein Coding Genes
  • Multi-threaded Monte Carlo Simulation of Investment Portfolio Performance Using OpenMP
  • Conducting Tutor with Myo Armband
  • Conducting Motions from Digital Sheet Music
  • Visual Navigation with the Nao Humanoid Robot


  • Efficient mRNA Folding Algorithms and Multi-Objective Optimization for Synthetic Gene Design
  • Piano to Guitar Automated Music Transcription
  • Real Time Occupancy Notification: A Comparison Between Passive and Infrafred and iBeacon Implementations
  • Gesture Creation on NAO Robot Using Python
  • CABECT: A Study into Sustainability
  • Modular Implementation and KNN Algorithm Analysis
  • TCNJ Carpool Mobile Application Development Using the Ionic Framework


  • Intergration between the Ushahidi Platform and the SOAP system to collect, store and disclose environmental problems
  • Using CABECTPortal as a Case Study to Extend the Capabilities of Penetration Testing Tools
  • Computer Vision Exploration with Aldebaran NAO Robot
  • Dense Color Moment: A New Discriminative Color Descriptor
  • TCNJ Connect: iOS
  • TCNJ Connect: Android
  • Conducting Tutor with the Microsoft Kinect
  • Audial Spatial Processing using the Aldebaran NAO Robot
  • Analyzing the State of Mobile Security
  • Artificial Intelligence Game Assistant for Google Glass
  • Creating a Maintainable Back-End for TCNJ Connect in a Cross-Platform Environment
  • TCNJ BookNav – An Accessible Indoor Navigation Application for Android
  • Learning Game Development Through Modding and Investigating AI Behavior in Crisis Situations
  • Automatic Transcribing of Japanese Drumming
  • Blocking Spam Callers in Real Time
  • TCNJ Connect: Creating a Modular Framework for Android Application Development
  • Using Optical Character Recognition to Create a Musical Repetoire on the Android Platform
  • March Madness Basketball Tournament Simulator
  • Steganorgraphy


  • Logging and Load Testing COMTOR
  • Deploying a Private Cloud on the CS Cluster
  • Developing COMTOR backend with ANTLR
  • Automatic Conducting Correction with the Microsoft Kinect
  • Cloud-based Object Recognition on iOS
  • Security Exploits of Web Applications
  • Administrative Interfaces for a Cloud-based Database
  • Exploring iOS Development and Updating App Maintenance Approaches
  • Algorithm Development for Accessible Indoor Navigation on Mobile Android Devices
  • Parallel Depth-First Search Using Open MPI in a Homogeneous Cluster
  • Developing a Mobile Application for TCNJ Student Resources and Services on the iOS Platform
  • Stop Robot and Spam Calling
  • COMTOR and Method Call Management
  • SOAP: Collaboration Between Databases and Web-based Interfaces
  • Onject Recognition on iOS
  • Gesture Recognition From Stereo Imagery


  • An Investigation into Social Computing for an Online, Open-Access Platform
  • Developing a Web-Based Framework to Enable Digital Humanitarianism
  • Musical Conducting SImulation
  • Space Perception in Multi-view Virtual Environments: Evaluation of View Averaging
  • OpenShade:  An Open-Source Java Sequence Alignment Editor
  • Porting Lua to the XINU Operating System
  • Using Digital Image Processing to Construct a Word Cloud
  • Development and Cloud Deployment of Software as a Service
  • TCNJ Library iPhone App: Using XML Data for Near Real-Time Viewing of Resources Availability
  • Developing the TCNJ Library iPhone App: Determining Availability of Networked Public Access Computers with a Client/Server Keep-Alive
  • Designing a Bayesian Expert System in Criminology
  • Structured Retrieval of SGML Documents Using Bayesian Networks
  • A Computational Approach To Cataphora Resolution
  • SOAP: Students Organizing Against Pollution
  • Conducting a Virtual Orchestra Using the Microsoft XBox 360 Kinect


  • Cloud Filter
  • Implementing an Institutional Repository for The College of New Jersey
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch – Risk Data Management
  • Mobile Apps: The Hyperlocal Market & Gamification
  • White Gaussian Noise Generator
  • Design of a Dual-Core System for Parallel Program Execution
  • Real Time Monitoring of Network Traffic
  • Internship at Management Planning, Inc.
  • Designing a Trust Distribution Diagramming Tool
  • Internship with TD Bank
  • Implementing the ControlFlow Module in COMTOR
  • Database-driven Web Design at Pfizer
  • Automated Unit Test Framework Development For McGraw-Hill Construction
  • An Investigation in Cloud Services
  • Cybercrimes and Databases with Microsoft Access
  • Workflow Management for Web-Based Collaborative Content Creation, Editing and Feedback
  • Securing CAFÉ: Investigating and Addressing the Privacy and Security Challenges of Next-Generation Journalism
  • Renovating CAFÉ: A Study in Usability and Accessibility
  • Scheduling on the Grid: Resource Management for TGrid
  • Nesbit Systems Inc., Moving at the Speed of Media
  • Gesture Recognition and Tracking Using Microsoft Kinect
  • Toward JCoDA 2.0: Modifications and Modules
  • TCNJ Campus Tour App
  • Accessibility and Bilingual Support in iPhone Application Development


  • Implementation of Persistent Storage and Memory Management in iPhone Development
  • Developing an Interactive Campus Tour App for the iPhone
  • Cross Site Scripting in HTML5
  • Uses of Parameters in Natural Language Recognition Systems
  • TCNJ Grid Computing Development
  • Fort Monmouth Internship Experience
  • Pierceaxiom Internship
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Transposing Computer Vision-Captured Data into Physical Bodies
  • Visualization of Literary Collocation
  • Optical Network Scheduling
  • Improving Sorting Performance by Inverting Quicksort
  • Network Security Testing with iPhone
  • Learning Web Development Techniques to Improve the User Interface of a Web-based Comment Mentoring System
  • Grid Computing Security