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C++ Placement Test For Internal Transfer Students

The C++ placement test is required for students who have taken the CSC 215 & CSC 250 sequence as non-majors and wish to switch into or add the CS major or minor.  Students must pass the exam with a grade of C or better in order to meet the requirement.  Students can only take the exam once and retakes are not permitted.

Content covered on the C++ exam will include the major concepts of C++, such as pointers, local variables, global variables, static, dynamic memory allocation, memory layout, binary values, octal and hex values, structure, class, object, function, loops, branching, polymorphism, inheritance, template, parameter passing etc.  In addition to these concepts, students are expected to be familiar with basic data structures, including vectors, array, linked list, hashing table, tree, BST, heap.  Basic searching and sorting algorithms, such as insertion sort, selection sort, merge sort, quick sort, binary search, linear search may appear in some questions.

The exam is closed book, closed notes. The exam includes true/false questions, code apprehension questions, and code writing questions.  It will take approximately two hours and fifty minutes to complete.

Exams are not regularly scheduled during the semester and must be pre-scheduled with the CS department (Dr. Jikai Li) at least FOUR weeks before the proposed exam date.  Exams will be administered according to faculty availability.