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CSC 471 (crosslisted as BIO 471): Genomics and Bioinfomatics

Offered Occasionally

Course Units: 1

This course will cover theoretical and practical components of genomics and bioinformatics. The major topics will include mapping and sequencing genomes, sequence alignment of nucleic acids and proteins, haplotype maps, analysis of complex traits, parallel profiling of gene expression, proteomics, phylogenetic analysis, and data mining. The laboratory will begin with the in silico analysis of gene families, continue to the formulation of a testable hypothesis about gene function, writing a mini-grant for peer review, testing of the hypothesis in a model organism, and conclude with a formal presentation of the data generated during the semester. This course is best suited for undergraduates who wish to continue with a career in basic science or biomedical research.

Prerequisite notes:  BIO 201, CSC 230, CSC 270, and MAT 127, each with a grade of C or higher.   Non-majors may use CSC 250 in lieu of CSC 230.

Required for major/minor: None

Option for major/minor: Computer Science Major, Computer Science Minor