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CSC 448: Algorithms in Computational Biology

Offered Occasionally

Course Units: 1

The inherent complexity of cells and organisms, combined with the wealth of life science data produced by modern high throughput technologies, make the use of computers to analyze and process this data critical, and often imperative. This is a course in algorithmic issues in biology, focusing on problems in genomics and genetics. Our emphasis will be placed on analyzing appropriate combinatorial algorithmic problems and the techniques to solve them. Primary topics include pattern matching and sequence homology, DNA sequence assembly, motif finding, gene prediction, phylogenic tree construction, microarray analysis, and RNA and protein folding.

Prerequisite notes: (CSC 230, CSC 270, and MAT 127) or (CSC 230 and MAT 200 and CSC 271) or BIO 371, each with a grade of C or higher.  Non-majors may use CSC 250 in lieu of CSC 230.

Required for major/minor: None

Option for major/minor: Computer Science Major, Computer Science Minor