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CSC 350: Computer Graphics

Formerly CSC 350 “Digital Computer Graphics”

Offered Occasionally

Course Units: 1

An introduction to the fundamentals underlying the design of computer graphics software. Takes an algorithmic approach to the study of graphic operations required to create a complex scene. The modeling and transformation process is stressed. Topics include 2D and 3D graphic elements and transformations, viewing and clipping, hierarchical modeling, 3D concepts and objects, solid geometry, 3D transformations and the viewing pipeline, visible surface detection, and lighting models.

Prerequisite notes: CSC 230, CSC 270, and MAT 127, each with grades of C or higher, and MAT 205.  Non-majors may use CSC 250 in lieu of CSC 230 but must demonstrate knowledge of C/C++ by passing a placement test.

Required for major/minor: None

Option for major/minor: Computer Science Major, Computer Science Minor