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CSC 325: Computer Architecture

Offered Every Semester

Course Units: 1

Introduces the architecture of a general-purpose computer by considering its structure at the hardware and software levels through the instruction set.  Project-oriented course that stresses design and implementation of the processor of a computer. Introduces design and simulation of logic circuits, combinational and sequential, the design of the instruction set for a von Neumann architecture and the writing of programs in an assembly language for such a machine. Topics include combinational logic design; finite state machines; instruction set architectures; elements of computer organization; RTL; processor and hardware control unit design; computer arithmetic and ALU design; memory subsystem and cache design; reduced instruction sets; and I/O interfaces.

Prerequisite notes: CSC 230, CSC 270, and MAT 127, each with a grade of C or higher.  Non-majors may use CSC 250 in lieu or CSC 230.

Required for major/minor: Computer Science Major

Option for major/minor: Computer Science Minor