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CSC 320 (crosslisted as IMM 320): Information Retrieval

Offered occasionally

Course Units: 1

The course discusses theory and practice of searching and retrieval of information. Topics covered include automated indexing, statistical and linguistic models, text classification, Boolean and probabilistic approaches to indexing, query formulation and output ranking, information routing and filtering, topic detection and tracking, as well as measures of retrieval effectiveness, including relevance, utility, miss/false-alarm. Techniques for enhancing retrieval effectiveness including relevance feedback, query reformulation, thesauri, concept extraction, and automated summarization. Experimental retrieval approaches from relevant state-of-the-art conferences (TREC) as well as modern Internet search engines are discussed in detail.

Prerequisite notes: CSC 230, CSC 270, and MAT 127, each with a grade of C or higher.  For IMM students: IMM core with a grade of C or higher

Required for major/minor: None

Option for major/minor: Computer Science Major, Computer Science Minor