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CSC 271: Discrete Structures of Computer Science for Math Majors

Offered Occasionally, Typically in Spring

Course Units: 0.5


This course is an addition to MAT 200: Proof Writing Through Discrete Mathematics, and is meant to explore discrete mathematics concepts and structures that are fundamental to computer science, but are not covered in that class. This course, together with MAT 200, replaces the CSC 270 requirement for Mathematics majors minoring in Computer Science.  Topics will include applications of number theory, recursion, graphs, trees, languages and grammars, and finite state machines.

This is a half unit course and will consist of one weekly session instead of the usual two.

Prerequisites:  MAT 200 & CSC 220 with a grade of C or higher, or CSC 215 or CSC 250 in lieu of CSC 220, are prerequisites. Reserved for Math majors.

Required for major/minor:  Computer Science minors who are Math majors, and who have taken MAT 200 instead of CSC 270.

Option for major/minor: None