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Remote Learning FAQ

What do “Remote Learning” and “Flex” mean?

“Remote Learning” means that all course instruction will be conducted online. For this current semester, TCNJ has implemented the Spring 2021 Flex plan: a combination of in-person and remote instruction to those who are eager and able to return to campus, and fully remote teaching and learning for faculty and students who may not be able to come to campus. Find out more about Spring 2021 Flex here:

Check with your instructor to find out more about the structure of their courses, and how they are being conducted (flex hybrid vs. fully remote).

Will the CS Department Office be open?

The CS Department Office will be working in-person this semester, with few exceptions for extenuating circumstances. Please contact Ms. Corso, our temporary Program Assistant via email ( / if you need assistance. Typical office hours of 8:30 – 4:30 PM will be observed, though you may not receive an immediate response depending on the nature of your inquiry and the queue of other inquiries from students, faculty, and staff.

How can I meet with my course instructor for course support?

Email is still the official method of communication for TCNJ and it is the best way to get in touch with your instructors and advisors.  Faculty may not be able to respond to your email immediately, as they often receive numerous daily inquiries from other students, staff, and faculty.  Please continue to check your email and Canvas diligently to make sure you don’t miss important updates about class meetings, assignments, changes to faculty office hours, etc.

Faculty office hours will be posted to the CS Department website on their individual pages during the first week of classes. These office hours may be held on a variety of platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, Canvas, etc.) so keep track of what each faculty member prefers.

Will tutoring services still be offered?

Both the Tutoring Center tutors and CS Department drop-in tutors will be available.  Our CS Department tutors will offer drop-in tutoring hours on Zoom.  You can find the drop-in tutoring hours and links here:

Tutoring Center tutors meet with students for pre-arranged meetings, so you will need to contact the Tutoring Center to make an appointment for a tutoring session.

How can I submit a form to the CS Department for review?

Email your form to  If you are submitting a Mentored Research form that needs a faculty mentor’s signature, please get this signature before you submit your form to the CS Department for Dr. Pulimood’s review.

For students planning to submit a Change of Major form: the Spring 2021 deadline to submit the form to the department is Friday, March 5.  This means that your form should be submitted to before 4:30 PM on March 5.  Forms that are submitted after this time will not be considered for acceptance into the major.   As always, please review our webpage for more information on applying to transfer into the major:

See our webpage page for more information on completing and submitting electronic forms.