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CS Students Perform Research in Networks, Security, and Vision

CS Students Perform Research in Networks, Security, and Vision

As the Spring semester quickly comes to an end, three Computer Science students look forward to starting their research experiences.  Patrick D’Errico, Daniel Lessoff, and Kylie Gorman will be spending their summer conducting cutting edge research at several of the top institutions in the country.

Patrick, a graduating senior, will be exploring the use of sensors and sensor networks at Argonne National Lab.  His research will address various issues ranging from low-power engineering to communications protocols and optimization of sensor placement and network topologies.

Daniel, a rising senior, will be joining the High Assurance Domain project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  He will be creating prototypes that look at how DNS (with DNSSEC) can be used as a lightweight trust infrastructure to support other Internet services.

Kylie, a rising junior, will be participating in the Research Experience for Undergraduates in Computer Vision at the University of Central Florida.  She will be working alongside professors and graduate students on projects ranging from human action and activity recognition to geospatial localization and registration.

Congratulations to Patrick, Daniel, and Kylie!